The 5th LSVOS challenge will be held in conjunction with ICCV 2023 in Paris, France. In this edition of the workshop and challenge, we are combining the classic YouTube-VOS benchmark with the newly introduced VOST dataset. VOST focuses on complex object transformations, such as egg cracking or molding of clay, which break the assumptions behind existing methods and require rethinking the basic design principles behind them. The combined challenge will be held in conjunction with video instance segmentation and referring video object segmentation YouTube-VOS competitions. In addition, we will hold a series of talks by the leading experts in video understating. The workshop will culminate in a round table discussion, in which speakers will debate the future of video object representations. Checkout the workshop schedule.


  • May 26th: Codalab websites open for registration. Training and validation data are released.
  • Aug 1st - 10th: Release test data and open the submission of the test results.
  • Aug 17th: The final competition results will be announced and top teams will be invited to give oral/poster presentations at our ICCV 2023 workshop.
  • Oct 2nd: The workshop will take place in conjunction with ICCV at room S02, Paris Convention Center.




For dataset related questions, please feel free to contact For challenge related questions, you can also use codalab forums.


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