• The 6th Large-scale Video Segmentation Challenge” has started and is calling for participants! We will have the challenge workshop in conjunction with ECCV 2024 at Milan, Italy.
  • Due to maintainance issues of the old Codalab website, we have migrated the VOS and VIS evaluation servers of the 2019 challenge to the new codalab site. Details

What is YouTube-VOS

YouTube-VOS is the first large-scale benchmark that supports multiple video object segmentation tasks.

  • Semi-supervised Video Object Segmentation
  • Video Instance Segmentation
  • Referring Video Object Segmentation

It also has the following features.

  • 5000+ high-resolution YouTube videos
  • 90+ semantic categories
  • 7800+ unique objects
  • 190k+ high-quality manual annotations
  • 340+ minutes duration

Research papers

Please cite the following papers if you find our dataset is useful.

Semi-supervised video object segmentation

Video instance segmentation

Referring Video Object Segmentation

Dataset examples