Our workshop has three challenges for different video segmentation tasks including semi-supervised video object segmentation, video instance segmentation and referring video object segmentation. Video instance segmentation task is extended with long videos for validation and testing (details).


  • May 30th: The final competition results will be announced and top teams will be invited to give oral/poster presentations at our CVPR 2022 workshop.
  • May 15th - 24th: Release test data and open the submission of the test results.
  • Mar 20th: Codalab websites open for registration. Training and validation data are released.




Ning Xu Linjie Yang Yuchen Fan Yang Fu Weiyao Lin
Ning Xu
Apple Inc.
Linjie Yang
ByteDance Inc.
Yuchen Fan
Meta Reality Labs
Yang Fu
UC San Diego
Weiyao Lin
SJTU, China
Jianchao Yang Honghui Shi Joon-Young Lee Seonguk Seo  
Jianchao Yang
ByteDance Inc.
Humphrey Shi
U Oregon
Joon-Young Lee
Adobe Research
Seonguk Seo
SNU, Korea


For dataset related questions, please feel free to contact For challenge related questions, you can also use codalab forums.


Adobe ByteDance UIUC
Adobe ByteDance UIUC